Submission will be open from 10:30PM PST January 23rd, 2021 to 12:30PM PST, January 24th, 2021

Submission Rights and Display

You will have all the rights to your project upon submission - we just ask that we can post the winning teams' projects on our website for future publicity. Winning projects can be posted anonymously, if necessary.


Cheating is not tolerated at our hackathon. All projects must be original work that was done within the time frame of the hackathon. If you submit work that was worked on previously, or submit someone else's work, your project will not be considered.

Submission Reminders

We are okay with you submitting the work you submit to QWER Hacks to other hackathons, IF and ONLY IF you only started hacking on Saturday, January 23 2021 at noon PST or afterwards.